The exceptional timber building system for a challenging world.

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    About the T&B Group

    T&B provide a service for the complete design, manufacturing, supply and erection of cost-effective pre-manufactured timber houses and other timber structures for individual homes as well as large-scale resorts and hotels using only natural and locally produced components for both the local and export market.

    The T&B Group (incorporating T&B Log Homes) are manufacturers and custom makers of quality log and timber homes based in Knysna and were founded in 1985 (been in business for nearly 30 years). The company specialises in solid Log and Timber Homes, Timber Home Kits as well as solid log commercial buildings such as hotel and resort development. They were born out of the huge availability of timber in the area which Knysna is famous for. The company gained a national and international reputation for the highest standards of craftsmanship skills in the manufacture of wooden structures.

    The T&B portfolio includes some of the world's largest timber structures, upmarket residential homes and challenging resort developments throughout the continent and overseas:

    The company has developed an internal framework to design, manufacture and project management for much larger enterprises and offer services including:

    Residential & Commercial:
        Sales and Marketing
        Prepared Construction (off-site)
        Full Project Logistics
        Architectural Design and Draughting
        Sourcing and Procurement
        Finance and Administration

    Additional Services:
        Design & Manufacture of Playground Equipment
        Design & Manufacture of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    T&B Projects has entered a new space in the market with REVO, their flagship patented building system. Read more about the benefits of building with REVO and the vast commercial applications of REVO.