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    Modular Building News

    Find out the latest Revo news and updates. From being in the media to tips and use cases of our REVO modular timber system.

    Our Revo modular building news is designed to give you a good idea of how versatile and durable the REVO technology is. And how it can serve your needs, from an office, resort or loge to your new home. We have you covered.

    Revo brief insight

    Revo's prefabricated homes are buildings built from preassembled and prefabricated modules. The efficiency and the high quality of the prefabricated house production process are ensured by strict production rules, a well-controlled factory environment and trained specialists producing the houses. Our timber houses are pre-manufactured to exact specifications and are shipped out to the installation site.

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    Read about T&B Log Homes in the June / July issue of Timber IQ Magazine.

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