The exceptional timber building system for a challenging world.

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  • About REVO

The patented REVO System

REVO Prefabricated homes can be manufactured, delivered and installed in a matter of days...

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  • After plot clearing, constrcution of your REVO Timber Kit Home can begin...
  • The REVO system is delivered and arrange on site. All components are clearly labelled for ease-of-assembly.
  • Holes are excavated to install the concrete pads on which the timber support piles will rest.
  • The timber support piles are then installed and levelled.
  • Bearers and joists can be installed once the base piles have settled or been compacted into the ground.
  • With the joists installed, the sub-floor can easily be applied.
  • Completion of the sub-floor and moisture barrier.
  • All components are hot-dip galvenised, or may be stainless steel - depending on the application.
  • The CNC-cut REVO post and rail system is then installled on the sub-floor.
  • The first of the pre-manufactured REVO wall panels can then be inserted.
  • Each wall panel is CNC cut to exact dimensions with windows pre installed and glazed
  • Once the wall panels have been erected, the exterior can be sealed.
  • The roof structure and covering can be added once the wall panels are secured.
  • With the roof fitted pre cut internal wall frames can be assembled and installed with cladding
  • Every fitting and access point is carefully planned and manufactured in the factory.
  • The interior cladding or panelling is then cleaned, sealed and painted or wallpapered.
  • Final fittings and fixtures can then be installed. Many Clients choose to do this themselves.
  • Final exterior fittings, guttering and sealant are applied...
  • And your REVO is complete and ready to enjoy.


Revo's prefabricated homes are buildings built from pre-assembled and prefabricated modules. Modules are factory built space-elements consisting of walls, floors and roofs that are joined and finished already in factories. Revo prefabricated homes can consist of several smaller rooms which are transported to construction sites. The efficiency and the high quality of the prefabricated house production process is ensured by strict production rules, well controlled factory-environment and trained specialists producing the houses. Our timber houses are pre-manufactured to exact specifications and are shipped out to the installation site.

Pad and Timber Pile Foundation: After initial excavation the base timber piles can be installed on a conventional surface bed or raft slab. The floor structure can also be modified for installation over conventional concrete beams as primary sub-structure, and the piles can be marine treated for this  application. Timber piles can even be jetted into the sea bed, or to an engineer’s specification, depending on varied site conditions.

Bearer and Joists: All of the REVO system components are pre-cut to the exact size and shape before installation. Individual elements and element sets are well labeled and relate back to construction drawings for easy identification and installation. Connections and fixtures are hot-dip galvanized – or, if the application requires, can be manufactured in stainless steel.

Sub-floor: The REVO sub-floor includes a moisture barrier and a ply, or OSB, sub base. Additional insulation panels can be installed between floor joists from below. Sound dampening strips are fitted to top edge of the joists prior to installation of insulation barrier and ply sub base.

revo systemREVO Wall System: The patented wall frame components are pre-manufactured in our factory with pre-drilled and CNC machined fixing points for a hassle-free and precise fit. Wall frame heights can be modified to suite design requirements. The REVO system can be integrated with concrete, brick, block or stone structures.

REVO Wall Panels: The insulated REVO wall panels are pre-cladded (both sides) and CNC machined to exact opening sizes and the window fixtures are pre-fitted in our factory. This innovative design can be used as a standalone wall system or over-cladded internally and externally to match aesthetic requirements of virtually any project. Click here to see a detailed diagram.

Where panels are installed in areas where tiling is required they are pre-cladded with fiber cement board.

REVO Over-cladding: Internal and external over-cladding can be done using any chosen profile. Our standard internal surfaces can be painted, varnished or wallpapered.

Roof Structures and Covering: There are a great many options for roof structures and final coverings, depending on the building’s use and desired aesthetic.