The exceptional timber building system for a challenging world.

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    Hotel and Resort Development

    Commercial Enterprises will be amazed at the flexibility and cost-efficiency of REVO Apart from standard listed designs, the REVO System can quickly and easily be customised to suit larger developments, taking full advantage of economy-of-scale.

    T&B and REVO can professionally design, manufacture and deliver your next commercial project – within budget, on time and with no unexpected or unpleasant surprises, down the line. That is the T&B Group difference!

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    • resort development
    • Hotel and Resort Development


    Building on nature’s strength and thirty years of experience, Revo provides a service for the complete design, manufacturing, supply and erection of pre-manufactured timber structures for individual homes as well as large scale resorts and hotels.

    Residential Development:

    REVO will change the way the  residential development community thinks about property investment – it’s a perfect system to roll out housing quickly and accurately. The benefits of using the REVO system are numerous: manageable cashflow low-points, fast erection of homes, flexibility to adjust unit designs to suit each site, less labour and machinery is required (resulting in less disturbance to existing residents) and potentially much higher profitability.

    Revo Homes are actively involved in the residential development market; however, by virtue of our flexibility and logistical skill set, the better part of the last 10 years have been spent working on hotel and resort developments across the globe.

    Resort Development:

    With experience throughout Africa and overseas in both solid Log and traditional timber construction for numerous hotel and resort developments, the T&B Group has the know-how to plan, cost, deliver and complete complex projects of virtually any size. REVO is ideally suited to the resort market because of it’s transportability, fast construction time and the durable finished product. Our standard resort designs – Getaway, Driftwood and Sea Breeze – are installable on virtually any terrain, even in coastal island waters for the ultimate tropical bungalow! T&B Projects also offer a design and draughting service to help resort developers realise the best solution for each specific location.

    Commercial Development:

    REVO can be used to create home offices, individual offices in a single building or commercial office parks with separate, functional units. Our prefab home system lets you decide what size, shape and finish your commercial development – for any application, from spa treatment rooms, conferencing halls to restaurants. What’s more, should your business ever move, a near-100% recovery of components allows you to ‘set up shop’ again with very little down time. And with ever-increasing business rentals you may find that REVO ends up paying for itself much sooner than you’d have imagined...

    Educational Institutions:

    From pre-schools and daycare centres to schools, colleges and universities – REVO is suited to a variety of needs, especially add-on training facilities, lecture and presentation rooms and even kitchen or ablution blocks.

    Remote Development:

    Constructing a resort or hotel in a remote, inaccessible and rugged area can become a logistical and financial nightmare - and the best get-away spots are usually of this nature.

    T&B specialise in reaching the places most other can’t, which is why we have been chosen time and time again to develop in remote areas and challenging environments. Our pre-fabrication and accurate component labelling means that less time and resources are needed on-site. Additionally, there is minimal site disturbance (for sensitive environmental areas) and virtually no wastage, making REVO the most accessible construction technology for difficult builds.

    Contract Housing:

    With the ability to deliver and build REVO units in remote areas, the system is ideally suited to contract housing on large industrial concerns like mining operations, game ranger camps and even agricultural and fishery projects as staff and contractor housing. Of course, when the project moves, so can the accommodations.

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