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    Introducing REVO Lite

    revolight sThe same incredible REVO system...
    only easier and more affordable!

    Introducing REVO Lite – the modular, stand-alone temporary structure that can be delivered and installed in a matter of days! A simplified combination of time-proven timber building methods and patented technology, REVO Lite provides the easiest solution for use in both commercial and domestic markets, while maintaining the quality and durability of the full REVO system.

    REVO Lite is ideal for:

    • temporary accommodation / storage while you rebuild

    • additional storage space

    • a home office

    • an art or craft studio

    • a therapy room

    • a garden pub or entertainment area away from your home

    • an upmarket garden shed



    A pre-manufactured solution...

    The REVO Lite system is a ground-up simplification of REVO. Comprising pre-manufactured panels, floors, trusses and roofing sheets, the system allows you to choose a configuration of any one of six functional sections, each measuring approximately 1.2m wide and 1.4m high, and build the temporary structure according to your needs – be they residential or commercial.

    Build your REVO Lite in just 3 easy steps....

    Select your desired REVO Lite option based on the area you have available. Each option comes in either 2 panels (2.4m) or three panels (3.6m) wide, and can be built to virtually any length. Currently we offer the following floor footprints:

    •      5.67m2: 2 .4 x 2.4m (8 Panels)
    •      8.64m2: 2.4 x 3.6m (10 panels)
    •      12.96m2: 3.6m x 3.6m (12 panels)

    Thoughtfully designed and fully-interchangeable at the point of design, the REVO Lite system comprises six panel designs to suit any need – from solid 30mm thick timber walls to slick profile aluminium doors, windows and high hung windows.

    • wall-panel
      Wall Panel
    • door-panel
      Door Panel
    • window
      Window Panel
    • full-window
      Full Height Window Panel
    • side-hung-window
      Double Side-hung Window Panel
    • high-window
      High Top-hung Window Panel

    While your REVO Lite can be installed as a DIY project, our fast and efficient installation team, as well as vetted installers Nationwide, are equipped to make the construction of your unit as painless and as cost effective as possible. With minimal fuss, and as little as two days site time, your REVO Lite can be ready to use within less than a week!

    Quality made easy...

    We use tried and tested materials to make up your REVO Lite and all timber cladding, panelling, trusses and supports are TBTN-treated. All window and door frames are high quality aluminium and the coated roof sheeting (available in selected colours, will keep out the elements. What's more, the entire REVO Lite building packs up into an easy-to-transport flat-pack unit that can be delivered virtually anywhere. Building on a slope? No problem – our certified installers can plant 125mm diameter poles to accommodate nearly any gradient.


    Our REVO Lite show unit at T&B Group’s headquarters in Knysna took just a day, and only 4 people, to install.

    *Please contact us for the full optional extras price list and specifications on our REVO Lite options.

    *E&OE. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.